Bank Nifty: Tracking the Performance of the Indian Banking Sector

Bank Nifty is a stock market index that comprises the most liquid and large-capitalized banking stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). The index tracks the performance of the banking sector in India and is used as a benchmark by investors to measure the performance of the banking sector in the country. […]

Candlestick patterns in Share Market Trading

Candlestick patterns in Share Market Trading

Candlestick patterns in the share market are the same as the road signs on streets while driving a vehicle. Patterns can give you a sense that when the price is about to increase momentum or when to make a U-turn. To understand the Candlestick pattern in depth, we should go a little into the discovery […]

What is the trading mantra to be successful in the share market?

Trading Mantra for stock market

The mantra of trading is not as simple as the sales mantra or commerce mantra. The reason behind the trading mantra is the psychology of the market behind it. One who can analyze the stocks with their technical skills or fundamental skills can’t be a good trader. As, at least one of those skills is […]

Why Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is not good in Stock Market Trading?


Fear of missing out is the first mind-shaking emotion a trader experiences while entering the stock market trading. Fear of missing out FOMO in stock market The fear of missing out is underrated because most beginners focus on the stock market analysis and spend all of their time understanding the concept of how to analyse […]