About Traders Mantra

Traders Mantra About us

Traders Mantra is the best Stock Market institute that provides the STOCK MARKET COURSES at the basic level, intermediate and also master levels regarding the technical analysis. 

With the experience of more than 6 years, we established our firm in 2015, the year we made 77% annual returns in equity market. Traders Mantra work in many segments such as equity (cash segment), futures and options, Forex, commodities and cryptocurrency. Our speciality is in Option selling, long term investment and positional trading.

We work on the most renowned principles like GANN THEORY, Dow theory, Elliott wave principle, NEO WAVE THEORY and many more like the Wyckoff method of accumulation and distribution. Along with fundamental analysis, our main focus is on price action theory where we study the behaviour, action and psychology of the price.



With great knowledge of Technical Analysis, We are specialized in Options trading, Market psychology and Elliott waves, Traders Mantra in Chandigarh is one of the leading businesses in the Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Institute. 


Traders Mantra Team

Sukhdeep Singh


Options expert  

Crypto expert   

With more than 6 years of experience in active trading, Sukhdeep achieved expertise in option selling with most of his creative strategies. Currently writing a book on option selling, Sukhdeep believes that with the only minimum risk trading i.e. option selling, one can generate the rental income from the stock market.

“We always have an option at every point of our life. What option we choose decides what results we’ll get.”

Ramandeep Singh


Market psychologist

Elliott expert     

Writer of the psychological fiction/self-help novel “The power within…” , Ramandeep started his journey in the share market in 2016. 15 years of psychological experience helped a lot to understand the market emotions.    

“Don’t get trapped into emotional buying. It will ruin your confidence, capital and correct analysis.”   



Traders Mantra Motto

Traders Mantra’s motive is as clear as Peter Adeney’s is. Our team is nourishing the amateur traders by working on their Technical skills as well as Psychological skills and making them an experienced trader.


A huge number of traders have skills but didn’t get the right approach to learning the stock market. These inexperienced traders when looking for a good stock market mentor met most of the trainers who are teachers but not traders.


This is a big question in the field of the stock market why the mentors from which you are going to learn how to earn money in trading, don’t trade? The only reason on which traders will fold their scrutiny will come as they don’t know how to trade. Those stock market mentors can’t make money from the Stock market and they are teaching lessons that how to earn money from the market. They also show the dream of unbelievable returns from the stock market.


This loses the courage of the fresher when even after the market classes he is not able to make money. I have seen a spark in the eyes of many traders who have a will, enthusiasm, passion, and most importantly, the talent to understand the cycles of the stock market and make a good living out of it. However, they met the wrong person and after wasting a few years of their life, they lose the spark.



Traders Mantra, the best stock market institute has got a fleet of making those untrained traders an experienced ones by giving them the right knowledge.